Article Marketing – Keyword Advertizing Strategies Market Cost Effectively

Are you looking for a Dramatic Marketing Strategy that will Cost Effectively Maximize Your Marketing Options? Article Marketing with keyword advertizing strategies is not only cost effective but profitable! Let me show you how it works.
Everyone is looking for Cost Effective Marketing for their Online Business. Who doesn’t need more income? But how can you get the desired results for your online business if you don’t spend a lot of money marketing your website, buying adwords, paying for ads, and using those costly pay per click marketing schemes?

When you implement solid keyword advertizing strategies in your online business you market your business cost effectively with identity and recognition. There is no need to justify failure when your product and services capture the attention of your niche market. You simply cannot fail.

Article Marketing delivers millions of prospective clients to your website. What better way can you find to generate targeted traffic with a purpose to your website than relevant content with dynamic links directly to your source? If you’re still looking for that Secret Tip that will provide you with Instant Sources of Traffic, I’ve got news for you. Article Marketing is the key. You can get the traffic, make your name recognizable and make money online with your Internet Business using Article Marketing to Build Your List and Increase your income.

Dynamic Success in Online Marketing will be directly related to Recognition Factors and how fast you become known on the Internet. Article Marketing can take your business where you want to go.

Brand Recognition effectively identifies your business with sound business principles and solid acknowledgment of the value of your business online or offline. How can you gain respect for your business without an identifiable trademark? If you don’t have a trademark that compels responsive traffic you must creatively seek a solution. That solution should be BRAND Recognition!

When your brand is identifiable to a large segment of your niche, they will automatically click on your links. Comprehensive studies indicate that buyers automatically navigate toward recognized names. Can you be identified?

When industry leaders spout phrases like Search Engine Optimization, they expect recognition of their names and logos, but the average online business is only recognized by a handful of individuals with direct connection to the owner. You must supersede that average and become recognizable online in order to become highly successful.

Are you ready to gain recognition for your expertise online?

Promote Your Company Effectively Without Increasing Your Marketing Budget

It seems silly to spend money to promote a promotion. What if it were possible for the promotion to promote itself?

Let’s pretend a major snack food manufacturer wants to spend a million dollars promoting itself. The first thing most marketers do is figure out a “promotion” then figure out how to spend the money on radio, tv, print, internet, in-store signs and displays promotional products to promote it. This is how we generally promote a promotion.

It takes tons of planning, coordination and meetings. A good portion of your $1,000,000 will go to art directors, copywriters, designers and production crews just to produce your ads, collateral material and signs. Then, another big portion of your budget will get eaten up buying space for your radio, tv and print ads and 15% of that money goes to paying the media buyer.

Now consider for a moment, how much promotional power you could harness, if you put that $1,000,000 to work directly from you to the consumer. Instead of spending $1million to promote the promotion, you simply put that money directly to work.

Imagine what would happen if the company secretly and randomly put cello-wrapped $1, $5, $10, $20 and occasionally $50 and $100 dollar bills right into the snacks, sorta like Willy Wonka did with the Golden Tickets. But while Willy Wonka let the world know that he did it, in this scenario, no one says anything to anyone.

The company doesn’t tell anyone what its doing. The only people that know up front are those putting the money in the bags.

This strategy would end up capturing more free media and publicity than the company ever could purchase with its $1 million. Here’s a likely scenario:

1) After distribution has begun, word is leaked “accidentally” around the factory and soon after the word leaves the factory because there’s always someone, thankfully, that can’t keep a secret.

2) People start finding money in their potato chips and corn chips. They tell others. Word spreads person to person and on internet chat rooms and forwarded e-mails, across the country and around the world.

3) The media gets wind of it and contacts the company.

4) The company says, “Yeah, we secretly and randomly placed $1,000,000 in the form of $1′s $5′s, $10′s, $20′s, $50′s and $100′s in our snacks and have shipped them nationwide. We have no idea where the bills are, it’s totally random.”

6) The media reports it to the public.

7) Feeding frenzy on the company’s snacks and tip of tongue/top of mind placement and news stories for weeks and write ups in magazines.

By-pass conventional wisdom. Cut out the middle man. Put your promotional dollars directly to work promoting your company. Again, why spend money promoting the promotion?

What’s that? You don’t have a million dollars to promote your company? And even if you did, you don’t sell a packaged good that would allow you to distribute money like that. No problem.

The point is, nearly every company can employ some aspect of what I call “Stealth Marketing” to promote itself, generate word of mouth and perhaps publicity.

Maybe it’s gift cards hidden in random products. If they’re never found you’re only out the cost of producing the card. Perhaps it’s scratch-off, lottery-style tickets randomly placed in a shoppers’ bag or in a customer’s delivery box. Every card is a winner of something. Why? Because you can control what’s printed on the cards and how many are given away each week, or month.

Imagine the surprise of a home-owner if three months after they took delivery of a new dining room table set they found a scratch-off card, a gift card or perhaps a $20 taped to the underside of the table or one of the chairs?

What if a coffee shop imprinted sayings at the bottom of the inside of its to-go cups. Every so often, someone would get one that read, “Bring this cup in and receive $10 cash.” Hey, if they throw the cup away, you’re out nothing! If they read it, and get the $10 they’re going to tell everyone they run into for a week. You can’t buy that much word of mouth for $10.

Think about it. Who wouldn’t be delighted to find a $5 bill crammed into the toe of their new shoes?

The concept is to give your advertising and promotion budget, or a portion of it in one form or another, to those who buy your product or service They will promote your product or service for you.

What Stealth Marketing ideas can you generate for your business? Be mindful that it’s done without fanfare. And the end result is effective word of mouth and in a best case scenario, earned media. Bottom line, you don’t want to spend a lot of money promoting the promotion. Let the promotion promote itself and get more promotional marketing mileage for your money.

Michael Merrick Crooks, Death Defying Copywriter. As many times as I’ve said, “I’ll get it done if it kills me,” I’ve cheated death aplenty.

Founder of Crooks Advertising Alliance, his firm, based near Lansing, MI (USA) is a creative strike-force specializing in creative problem-solving in the areas of advertising and promotional marketing.

He’s maintained the insight of a 7 year old. Always questioning… asking “why?” From brochure and direct mail writing to promotional concepts, you’ll benefit from his ability to look at the same thing everyone else does and see something different.

Building Your Coaching Business – The Principles of Marketing Your Coaching – 5-10 Times More Leads

This is the 3rd article in the series. The first two were:

Turn that Incoming Cold Call Around – Get a Coaching Appointment
How to be THE BEST of the BEST in Marketing Your Coaching
The first one was on how to turn an incoming cold call into an appointment for you. The second took that a bit further by looking at some techniques where you can learn from any incoming marketing by building a file of the best of the best and worst of the worst, including how to create an appointment for you from incoming mail. To create that best of the best file we needed to set some guidelines for what makes truly great marketing and that’s where we are going in this article.
What makes truly great marketing?

The main purpose of marketing is GET ATTENTION

That means KEEP it SIMPLE. Don’t try to tell everything about everything, and don’t try to tell much about you, your products or services, or even about you!

Is that shocking? Does that go counter to what you’ve always thought marketing was about? Probably. It’s meant to be.

Truly Great Marketing should ALWAYS be about a client’s pain, problems, or his wants or needs. It’s always about the client and his issues and not you or your products, services, or you.

If you can make the transition from talking about you to talking about what that prospective client wants you’ll see your marketing start to work like you’ve never imagined marketing could every work. In fact, most of the coaches I’ve worked with tell me that in their very first marketing effort, speech, direct mail, seminar, 30-second elevator speech, whatever, they saw the response rate (the percentage of the people they touched) go up at least 5 times. How far it does go is strictly on your ability to take your client’s pain and connect with him. In other words, the better you connect with your clients thoughts and pains the higher that response rate will go. So, keep in mind, if your marketing isn’t bringing you many clients you just aren’t connecting with him and you’ve got to change something so that it continually gets better and better.

Marketing Success Formula — AIDA

I use a marketing formula – AIDA which stands for

A-ct (a call to action)
That is the order of things. In other words the very first thing that HAS to happen is get their attention.
The way that is done is to make absolutely sure that the first thing they see or hear GETS ATTENTION.

When it comes to printed media (direct mail, brochures, newspaper, magazines articles, ozone articles, etc) that the title must get attention. Without the title getting attention NOTHING ELSE WILL HAPPEN. The article will not get read if the title doesn’t draw their attention as they scan it. If it doesn’t get attention your direct mail and brochures will be thrown in the trash in about 3 seconds. For articles in whatever media, people scan to see what they want to read. In less than 3 seconds they will decide to read this one or move on.

What gets attention?

It starts with talking about your client’s issues (not yours, not your product or service, not about you….avoid that like the plague). Your client is looking for help with his pain or his wants or needs so talk about that.

The Wonderful Things of Network Marketing Company

A network marketing company is a company that uses a network of independent contractors to distribute its products or services. It is defined as one that engages in the following practices: Sponsors individuals to set up their own businesses for the purpose of selling products or services and/or recruiting other individuals to set up their own businesses. Just like any other company that sells goods or services the ultimate goal of a network marketing company is to make sales and increase its customer base. Finding the best network marketing company is easy once you know what to look for.


Start you search now and begin with your money making journey with your chosen internet network marketing company and set up your budget. Starting business through ecommerce is an excellent way to provide you with additional income when marketing nutritional supplements or wellness products. The start-up costs for legitimate network marketing companies are small compared to most other business ventures available outside. You should have a good idea of how much time and money you can invest in the business before you start. One of the most important factors to realize in the first place is that most of the people who start network marketing is about the money they will make and the organization that they are joining are the second consideration. This is the wrong perspective altogether.


What would you do if you were financially independent and most of your time was free to do with as you pleased? Multi-Level and Network Marketing These terms refer to a marketing system in which individual independent contractors recruit, train and develop a team of product users. What do you think about many downline of independent business people work for you? Network Marketing is now a multi-billion dollar industry involving millions of independent business people. The cost for an individual to start an independent direct selling business is typically very low. In many cases, direct selling opportunities develop into a fulfilling career for those who achieve success and choose to pursue their independent direct selling business on a full time basis.


One of the major benefits of a network marketing company is that you are in business for yourself, not by yourself. To realize this benefit, you must sign up under the right person. Make a commitment to yourself that you will work hard and will not quit, and you could find network marketing success. If you truly desire to work for yourself and create your own life then network marketing could be for you. Remember that one of the main reasons why people join a network marketing company is for freedom.